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Spring Is Teasing Us

The few warm days have see one of our 4 hives with activity. The other 3 did not make it through the winter.

We did put in a shed (10′ x 12′ – from Amish country – Lancaster, PA). Now all the bee paraphernalia has a winter home and my garage is no longer a battle zone, although it still requires a cleanup and organizing.

The most work here at Honey Maple Grove has been on the Maple Syrup processing side (sap collection & boiling).

I designed and built a multi-part sap pumping system to automate the continuous flow evaporator I’ve been using. I will be describing it in detail in future posts, but i was build out of necessity. I had over 100 taps that flowed into a 220 gallon plastic tank. With my Jeep, I drove down an access trail to retrieve the sap in 5 – 5 gallon food buckets at a time. This led to skidding into trees with body damage.

More on the pumping system later.

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