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Luke S – the kind of retreat to write a book in

Abbott and Christina were lovely hosts. They had an easy, laidback demeanor much like their home that made us feel welcomed and pampered. The house itself is a magnificent thing to come across at the end of the wooded path that leads to the front door. Built entirely of wood and littered with gorgeous oil paintings, this is the kind of retreat to write a book in, or just to wander the woods and see what muses just might visit. Thank you, Abbott and Christina! Also, I’m not sure if it was the mattress or the quiet or something more visceral but that was one quality sleep. Thank you, Abbott and Christina, for your patience and willingness to assist in bringing my film to fruition. Your house couldn’t have been a better retreat. A trip that would have otherwise been arduous was made comfortable thanks to your beautiful home and hospitality. Despite the lack of sleep, we returned to the city feeling rejuvenated. I will send y’all the film here in a couple of weeks! Thank you again. Let’s keep in touch, Luke

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