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Chris Abbott-Paul Harris

The Lodge @ Honey Maple Grove is all about our love of the land, our  community and hosting  our guests. We love meeting people from all over the world. We come to this from different perspectives.

Being in the middle of 20 acres allows us to be beekeepers and  produce maple syrup.



I have been riding all my life, which is why I love living in horse country. With my love of children and teaching, I was a NYC elementary school  teacher (East Harlem). Since moving to Bedford in 2002, I have taught in the Bedford Central School District and now tutor students in the area.

Along with Abbott, I am a member of the Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club and am active in community events and fund-raising.


I have been riding for part of my life, which is also why I love living in horse country. I'm  a retired computer executive. I have been in computing since 1965 and taught at Hunter College while getting my degrees. I now have an on-line book site that offers children's books for over 50% off - Kids Book Outlet.

As an active Rotarian, I started the Bedford-Armonk Rotary Club, which runs an area Christmas Tree Sale and the July 4th Fair, the largest event in the area.

While working I spent countless hours in the air, so hosting The Lodge let's me meet the world, but at the inn.



Stay with us and we can share experiences over breakfast (or not)...

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